Stink Bug (Harlequin)

My Home: I am commonly found on
crop plants as in turnips, cauliflower,
cabbage and fruit trees.

What I eat: I drink the juices from
fruits and plants with my piercing mouth parts. 

What I look like:  I am a type of 'True Bug'
and go through three stages
of development: egg, young adult and adult.
My hard case greenish  and flattened
with a shield shape that is about ¼ to ½
of an inch long. I emit an unpleasant (stinky)
smell as a method of defense.

How I am born: The female lays a double row
of eggs on stems or leaves in the fall and I hatch
in the spring. It takes me about 35 days to become
an adult after my egg is laid.

  Fun Facts
Certain types of stink
bugs are used as food by
humans in parts of Africa,
Mexico and India. There are
over 5,000 species of stink
bugs worldwide.