Insect Development

A two stage development cycle is called ametaboly. These insects look like small adults upon hatching. There are not many insects that go through a two-stage development cycle, though there are many other creatures in the animal kingdom that do.

Note: The pillbug shown is a NON-insect.
Two-stage insect evelopment

These three stage hatchlings look less like adults than their two-stage counterparts. This is called Incomplete Metamorphosis.

On land, these young insects are called nymphs. If they live in the water they are called naiads.

Molting (shedding of the skin) changes their appearance after the nymph/naiad stage. Young insects may have small wing buds, but they aren’t noticeable until adulthood.
Two-stage insect evelopment

Four-stage development involves a complete change in appearance between its larva stage and adulthood. This is called Complete Metamorphosis.

During the pupa stage is when the insect’s appearance changes the most.
Two-stage insect evelopment