Honey Bee

My Home: I am a social insect and live in large colonies, usually in hives and with up to 80,000 individuals. I do not hibernate during the winter, but group together and use community warmth to
stay alive. I am found worldwide.

What I eat: I drink nectar from flowers or juices from fruit. An average hive yields 50 pounds of honey, which is my food
during the winter. To make one pound of honey requires
the nectar from millions of flowers.

What I look like: Usually less than ¾ of an inch
in length and have four wings. I am usually golden
brown in color with black stripes on my abdomen. I have
a stinger at the end of my abdomen.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development:
egg, larva, pupa and adult. The queen bee lays eggs and
the worker bees will take care of my egg until I hatch. I will stay with the hive usually for the rest of my life.

  Fun Facts
Honeybees are the only
insects that produce a food
that is consumed by humans. They
provide people with honey, bee's wax and
pollinate crops. They communicate with each other using a 'dance' language. A honeybee will die if it uses its stinger.