Harlequin Beetle

My Home: I am native to the Americas
and found in warm climates, primarily
Central and South America. I am
a type of long-horned beetle.   Active
during the day, but can be found around
lights at night.     

What I eat:  I feed on the sap from trees.

What I look like: I have black, yellow and
red markings. I can grow up to 3 inches
in length. If I am a male Harlequin Beetle,
my forelegs can be longer than my entire
body.  Even with these long forelegs, I can
crawl as well as fly.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development
(complete metamorphosis): egg, larva, pupa and adult.
If I am a female beetle, I will lay my eggs in the bark of a tree
and can lay up to 20 eggs at a time. Once my egg hatch into larva,
they will bury into the wood where they will remain for up to 8 months. They will pupate in the wood and emerge after another 4 months. It will take almost a year to become an adult beetle.

  Fun Facts
Harlequin beetles often have
tiny arachnids, known as pseudoscorpions,
living under their wing covers. These pseudoscorpions
use the beetles for transportation.