My Home: I prefer dark, moist environments and you can find me under logs, bark, leaves or hibernating during the winter in your home. I am usually only active at night unless disturbed.

What I eat: I eat both live and dead plant material and insects.

What I look like: I am dark brown, can be1/2 inch to 3 inches long and have a set of pinchers located at the end of my body. The pinchers are used as a weapon and I may try to pinch if picked up.

How I am born: I go through three stages
of development: egg, nymph and adult.
I lay from 30 to 50 eggs in a batch
and it takes up to three months
for the eggs to become adult

  Fun Facts
Earwig received its
name due to the myth
the earwig would crawl
into your ear if you slept
on the ground. There are over
1,700 species of Earwigs in the world.