Crane Fly

My Home: I am generally found around damp places and am attracted to light.
As a larva, I usually live in damp habitats and sometimes I live in water.

What I eat: As a larva, I eat roots and other
organic matter. I don't eat as an adult.

What I look like: I am about 1 inch long, have six long
spindly legs, a long thin body and am sometimes mistaken
for a large mosquito.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development:
egg, larva, pupa and adult. My egg is laid in water,
on water plants, moist soil or sometimes in
rotted roofs. It takes 72 hours for my egg to
hatch and about a month for me to become an
adult. As an adult, I will only live for a few days,
long enough to mate and lay new eggs.

  Fun Facts
In Europe I am
called 'Daddy Long Legs'.